What is all-over strength

All-over strength is the ability to do anything without training specifically for that thing. This is a good example:

I never train this movement, but I do train in a way that will effectively give me the most strength in relation to my time investment. My training allows me to anything. To be able to snatch 90% of my bodyweight with one hand, to do handstand pushups, jump high, run fast, last 5 5-minute rounds in a fight. Goals are overrated, but strong enough for anything.

2 thoughts on “What is all-over strength

  1. Frank


    From time to time, I like to check on your progress to see how your training is coming because i'm rooting for ya. Not because i'm gay but you have found what works for you and that should be the goal of everyone's training. A question I want to ask you is, is there a method to your madness? How do you decide which area to work on when there is an infinite number of possibilities when considering general fitness?

    My problem is that I have program ADD. I've been training for 5 years and have not made the strength gains I would like to have. I recently did 5 months of Olympic training and loved it. However my joints did not. I was coached btw the entire time and form was not an issue. Basically my second question would be how does someone like me incorporate things they enjoy doing like functional strength training using various equipment (kettlebells, rings, O-lifts, etc.) into a progressive/evolving program? I know there's no silver bullet but if someone's getting stronger while doing the exercises they love and avoiding boredom then that's pretty damn close. Thanks for reading.


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