Strong and Feminine


Not all women have the same goals but generally speaking those that walk into the gym and are regularly active want to look and feel better.  I can tell you from experience that many of these women are either unfamiliar with how to train properly with free weights and their own body, or just too … Continue reading

Random Thoughts


#1 I came across this video on the Crossfit main site recently.  Although, I may not be the biggest advocate of Crossfit itself I am an advoacte of trainee success stories and their education.  Besides, the video is with former New England Patriot Don Hasselback, father of former Boston College quarterbacks Matt and Tim.  Did … Continue reading

The More I Learn


Not only do I think it’s important as a professional to keep learning and attend seminars/workshops, listen to podcasts, etc., but I thoroughly enjoy it.  There is always something new to pick up even it’s something as simple as a coaching cue or some motivation.  By the same token, I’ve found that the more I … Continue reading

The snatch: not an “advanced” swing

  No matter what your goal, sport, or athletic ability is, you should be doing kettlebell swings. A quick rundown of what the swing does: -It trains hip extension, which is the foundation of all athletic movements. -It stretches the hip flexors and strengthens the glutes. This is especially important when you consider     that … Continue reading