Teaching The Swing

It has been said that the kettlbell swing is an inch wide but a mile deep. Easy in concept but much practice is needed for mastery. Not a week passes where I don’t learn, feel, or see something different about this simple, yet amazingly effective exercise. Ambition Athletics has had a recent influx of people … Continue reading

Coaching or Counting?


According to some Merriam Webster character, a coach can be defined as a private tutor, one who trains, or my favorite, one who instructs in the fundamentals and directs strategy. This is how I see my job, instructing and directing a person or group of people using a particular strategy, towards achieving a goal. Just … Continue reading

Suggested Reading


Everything You Know About Fitness Is A Lie – Daniel Duane (from Men’s Journal) This is possibly the best article I have read in many months about simple real world training for the regular person. Although I may not agree with 100% of it, the message is similar to the feelings and thoughts I want … Continue reading