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Toe Touch Can’t touch your toes?  Just as a general rule, you should be able to come very close. Hands flat on the floor looks cool but isn’t as important.  Why can’t you touch your toes anyway, because you have tight hamstrings right?  Wrong.  See what Brett Jones has to say about that, and then let’s … Continue reading

What The RKC Taught Me


Let me first start by stating that I am not an RKC.  My colleague Max Shank, who is an RKC Level II and was recently promoted to Team Leader, has been a great coach to me.  I have been practicing with kettlebells for about 3 years now.  Before that I was relatively unfamiliar with them.  … Continue reading

The Next Level


Great athletes can also be great compensators.  Some are so gifted or have developed such a high level of skill that it can mask other areas that are lacking.  This could include such areas as strength, mobility, conditioning and diet.  The rest of us may not be so lucky.  The important thing to remember no … Continue reading

Getting Faster


In one way or another speed is important in just about all sports, save bowling and darts.  Everyone knows the old cliché, speed kills.  As a young or amateur athlete, this would beg the question, how do I get faster?  That could be confusing considering the number of people claiming to have the answer and … Continue reading