Exercises I Used To Do


Exercises I used to do: Lateral Raises Upright Rows Bicep Curls Variations (w/ db’s, bb, preacher bench, machine, etc.) Tricep Variations (overhead, cables w/ ropes or bar, kickbacks, etc.) Chest Fly Variations (db’s, machines, and some 1-arm standing cable thingy.  Ask Max Shank about that one) Leg Extensions Leg Curls (lying and standing) Calf Raises … Continue reading



At Ambition Athletics, we as coaches can frequently be heard saying, “It’s all practice”.  This is what it all boils down to.  Whether you are on the field at an actual practice or in the weight room trying to better yourself for life or sport, it’s practice.  Not everything is going to come easy.  Just … Continue reading

Client Spotlight: Pat Radeboldti

Pat came off of military duty and spent just over a month at Ambition Athletics. This is his success story. He’s going to be competing in the Tough Mudder World Championships this year. Good luck, Pat! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fyC53zsMX8&w=560&h=349]