The 80% Rule


I feel fortunate to have gone through many different phases of training. Bodybuilding, Crossfit, HIT, running, kettlebells, etc–and each phase has taught me different things about training, good and bad. I currently have many students who take group classes at my facility so it was important to give them simple instructions to achieve their goals … Continue reading

Why Runners Need Strength Too


A friend recently sent me this Men’s Health article referencing a study done about running and weight training.  I’ve heard it said that what goes on in the top training facilities is usually a few years ahead of the research.  Well surprise, surprise, according to this article, I must be a genius (Or capable of figuring … Continue reading

Strong Is Sexy


[youtube=] This is what every gym should look like (other than the lack of men in this instance) [youtube=] These women are training “the right way”.  I’ve posted on this topic before but I’m not afraid to write more because I feel that strongly about it.  My mission is to teach and coach and a lot … Continue reading