Thinking Out Loud


Why do I value strength so much?  Sometimes I wonder.  Yesterday I was thinking about so-called “metabolic circuits”.  You know, several exercises done in a row at a quick pace designed to burn fat and get the heart rate going.  I will sometimes use this style of training, but within reason, and certainly not for … Continue reading

The Future of Training?


Two weeks ago I wrote a post about progression and how people should advance in their training.  This week I want to talk about two things, visual and breathing exercises.  I believe these to be relatively advanced topics in regards to training but at the same time beginners can easily use them.  The future of … Continue reading

Suggested Reading


If I Could Do One Thing For The Fitness Industry – Dan John Dan John is a veteran coach.  He knows A LOT.  He recently released a book that I plan on reading in the near future.  I suggest reading this entire article but here is a spoiler, “The stronger you are the easier it is … Continue reading