Random Thoughts


Warm Up: If you’ve ever played a sport or picked up a weight in your lifetime you’ve probably thought about warming or had someone tell you how to do it.  There are many effective ways to warm up.  Because I’ve been know to give long winded answers to training questions, if someone were to ask … Continue reading

Train Like A Girl


I have addressed the topic of women and strength a number of times on this blog, namely, here, here, and here.  There is a difference between strong and big.  The two  are often synonymous but that is not always the case.  Strong can exist without big.  The two women pictured above train for different reasons.  … Continue reading

(Strength) Coach Wooden


It seems like I post quite a bit about what I’m reading and not always about some kind of new revolutionary training going on inside the tall, cold, concrete walls of Ambition Athletics.  But, this is what popped into my head this week so I’m going with it.  I am currently reading “Wooden On Leadership” … Continue reading