Train Like A Girl

I have addressed the topic of women and strength a number of times on this blog, namely, here, here, and here.  There is a difference between strong and big.  The two  are often synonymous but that is not always the case.  Strong can exist without big.  The two women pictured above train for different reasons.  One for performance, while the other a certain look.  Can you guess which is which?  While the average women may train to look a certain way, it is often that she prefers to have the body of an athlete versus a bodybuilder.  That said, women, and men for that matter, should have a training routine similar to that of an athlete.  Seen in the video below are several women who train at Ambition Athletics.  We are extremely proud of these ladies as well as all the others that train at Ambition Athletics.  None of them walked in the door the first day able to perform these movements.  The only way this happened is through a lot of effort, time and consistency.  And for that, we applaud them.


– Mike Baltren