Minimal Effective Dose


“Stop at technical failure.  Clearly the trend in training is in the opposite direction…. We need to train the minimal effective dose.  Just do what you need to do.  Don’t beat a dead horse.  An hour extra of beating isn’t going to make it even more dead.  It was dead an hour ago… You wasted … Continue reading

Suggested Reading


Is There A Fat Burning Zone and Does It Matter? – Michael Boyle So you’re telling me that those graphs next to/on the electronics where I can watch/listen to the TV while “working out” on my elliptical are a lie?  Say it ain’t so!  I once saw coach Juan Carlos Santana credited with the quote “The … Continue reading

It’s Not Me, It’s You


We have all heard this line from someone we were dating.  Or is it the other way around?  I don’t know.  Women are confusing anyway.  Moving on.  Today I overheard two guys in the gym talking about military pressing and whether or not it was a good exercise.  One gentleman had allegedly been doing it … Continue reading

Strong Fixes Everything


Strong fixes everything.  It’s a bit of an oversimplification but the more I think about it, not by much.  The first time I heard Mark Reifkind say this I laughed, but only because I believed it was mostly true and a good dose of reality for most people.  In previous articles I’ve touched on the … Continue reading