Don’t Ignore Your Feet


Below is an old post from over a year ago.  But in light of the recent developments involving Skechers and their $40 million lawsuit, as well as the Reebok and its similar $25 million lawsuit, I felt that it was worth reposting.  I am not reposting to say I told you so or anything like that.  I … Continue reading



This article could be entitled “The 80% Rule Revisited” but it’s not.  I’m just asking you to think about what you are doing in the gym on a daily basis and ask yourself, “Why?” (Also a good song, see bottom of page).  There should be a reason for everything that you do, at least 80% … Continue reading

Belting It Out


Because we at Ambition Athletics are located under the same roof of what you would picture as a typical gym, although a little old and out dated, we do get to see some interesting things “down the hall”.  One such thing that has always caught our eye is the use of weight belts.  This certainly … Continue reading