Age; Nothing but a number


When it comes to training, age may not be as important as you think.  Why you ask?  Well, because more important than someone’s chronological age is how well they move.  It’s no surprise to me when someone the age of 75 can’t do a perfect squat. But guess what?  At this point in my career … Continue reading

9 Ways To Live Better


A few things I have come to know to be true in my many, many years on this earth. 1) Don’t skimp on dental hygiene: Get a water flosser–they are awesome. 2) People who say they don’t have enough time, usually write about it on facebook. Don’t be that person. Facebook is not real life. 3) … Continue reading

Power To The Push Up


I love push ups.  They might be a really old school exercise but they deserve more credit than they often get, at least in the world of performance.  Many dismiss the push up as too easy because they can rip off 25 or so reps in a row and well, it doesn’t look as cool … Continue reading

Thoughts For This Week


Movement Screen: I like this article about the Atlanta Falcons and their use of the Functional Movement Screen and its application to their training in the weight room.  We use the screen at Ambition Athletics with every person that comes in the door.  One reason being, and I’ve said this before, I’m simple.  There are many … Continue reading