9 Ways To Live Better

A few things I have come to know to be true in my many, many years on this earth.

1) Don’t skimp on dental hygiene: Get a water flosser–they are awesome.

2) People who say they don’t have enough time, usually write about it on facebook. Don’t be that person. Facebook is not real life.

3) Live within your means: Pay off your debt and keep 6 months of expenses just in case. Don’t buy stupid stuff. Freedom and peace of mind are worth way more than “things.”

4) Exercise (consistently): Kettlebells, Bodyweight Training, Bodybuilding, whatever makes you a better version of yourself. Try to get better every day.

5) Find something active that you enjoy, do it often (swimming, yoga, hiking, tennis, wakeboarding, ping pong..)

6) Read more, watch tv less. Fiction and non-fiction (I have the most trouble reading fiction nowadays because it makes me feel like I’m not being productive, but it’s a really great way to have a positive mental break from real life)

7) Learn to cook: You don’t have to become a master chef overnight, but throw some veggies, meat, and spices into a wok or a pan and see if something good doesn’t happen. My big secret is to sautée onions, meat and sometimes peppers, then add cheese at top it off with avocado. Healthy and only uses one pan. Also one of my go-to’s from Neghar Fonooni: The egg bake

8) Lift heavy things: Being weak is stupid. There is no reason why a person shouldn’t be strong. Not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing (who doesn’t want to look good nekkid?), but it’s empowering. Life is easier when you’re strong. Lifting heavy things make you strong. Therefore lift heavy things.

9) Sprint: Better yet, Sprint up a hill–it’s good for your hormones and it will torch fat. Apart from that, no one wants to get picked last for touch football on Thanksgiving. You want to win at sports? Get faster. If it’s good enough for Herschel Walker, it’s good enough for you.

Just doing these few things will result in you being a more awesome person, and they can be easily implemented starting today.

Obviously living better doesn’t stop there; What would you add to this list?

Better Every Day.


4 thoughts on “9 Ways To Live Better

  1. Jon Stewart

    Loving these lists coaches are coming out with lately. A couple good additions here. Thanks!

  2. Kendall Giles

    Great list. Get your financial house in order, get your health in order, always learn, and never give up.

  3. Sean

    The dental trifecta: Electic toothbrush+a good flossin+mouth wash

  4. Dr. Michael Hartle

    Great list Max! Words to live by!!

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