Get stronger, Improve your posture, and fix that busted shoulder in 5 Seconds with this move…

[youtube] Isometric Chest Supported Rows: We live in a posture that revolves around sitting down, usually in front of a screen. We also live in a fitness world, where the bench press, pushups, and chest work in general take the majority of our attention—after all who doesn’t want a sweet set of beach muscles? … Continue reading

It Depends


The road to strength and fitness is littered with questions of how to get to one’s destination.  How do I get rid of this, add that, improve my speed, tone up, get better at X?  Quite often the answer to those questions is, it depends.  Not exactly the answer people are looking for or expect … Continue reading

Just Move


On Sunday after waking I was taking a stroll down the street thinking to myself (see here), movement is good for you.  It’s the opposite of sitting and being in a potentially unhealthy position, which is likely what I would be doing the rest of the day on my friend’s couch (I call it recovery but … Continue reading