Stuff To Read


Sitting Is The Smoking Of Our Generation – Nilofer Merchant Much like smoking, sitting can kill you slowly so get up and move around frequently.  This article is a good take on what you can do to sit less especially if your job requires you to do so, and better yet, you can really counteract … Continue reading

Had A Bad Day


As a coach I spend my days doing my best to make people better and encouraging them to stay positive when things sometimes don’t go the way they had hoped.  I’m constantly reminding people that PR’s (personal records) aren’t going to be achieved every time they enter the gym, no matter how bad they want … Continue reading

Strong At Any Age


First off, these thoughts/rants are not to toot the proverbial horn of any of the coaches at Ambition Athletics nor single out any individual member based on their age or even gender for that matter.  What I do what to convey is how both impressed and proud I am of so many members that we … Continue reading