7 Reasons You Should Deadlift


A while back I wrote an article entitled “Strong Fixes Everything”.  A generalization for sure but valid in more ways than not.  I love the deadlift.  It’s simple, effective and just plain fun (to me at least and I know I’m not the only one).  In many ways the deadlift fixes everything.  Let me elaborate. … Continue reading

Life According To Brian


If you have followed this blog the last couple of years we have brought you the personal stories of both Mike and Max.  This week get to know Coach Brian Crilly a little better.  His new blog, Life According To Brian features the story of his journey. 

5 Tips For A Stronger Deadlift


Grip:  The grip is twofold.  First I think it’s most important to crush the bar with your grip regardless of the weight being lifted.  That tension or irradiation will help engage the lats and promote keeping the rest of the body tight.  If you’re not focused on really gripping that bar during your set up … Continue reading