Stuff To Read (Coaches Edition)


This series of recommended reading doesn’t have much to do with the “hows” of training, more so the “whys”.  There aren’t any sets, reps or secrets to becoming super ripped here but if you are a coach then I highly recommend you check these out if you haven’t already. Spirituality and the Athlete – Dan … Continue reading

Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump?


Hopping, skipping and jumping.  All pretty simple right?  These are all natural human movements but when it comes to training simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy and what’s the difference between the 3?  I have to credit Athletes’ Performance with teaching me the terminology and realizing the difference between the three.  Jumping involves using two legs … Continue reading

Life, Squats and Progression


Strength In The Real World Within the last 5 days or so several members have at random shared with me situations where their strength was called upon in the real world and well, they………. nailed it!  One such situation occurred at work in the restraint of another human being (I won’t elaborate further).  It just … Continue reading