Strong Is Fun!


If you don’t know already, strength is a big deal to us at Ambition Athletics.  Just a few weeks ago I wrote Why Strength? and in the past we’ve touched on such topics as Strong Is Beautiful, Strong At Any Age, Strong Is Sexy and Strong Fixes Everything, among others.  Well, you know what?  Strong is fun too!  As much … Continue reading

It Depends


As my time in the world of coaching, strength and conditioning, fitness, personal training, etc. goes on, I find that more often than not the answer to any related question is, “It Depends”.  Often times it is specifically related to a certain goal, but as a coach of movement, strength and education it is also … Continue reading

Seinfeld On Training


I was recently sent two articles from The New York Times.  My favorite entitled For Men, A Gluteus More Maximus and another Exercise In A Pill? The Search Continues.  The latter article describes hope for those who are seriously injured and may derive some better health from said pill and I’m all for that.  What I’m not for … Continue reading