Be Honest With Yourself


Just a few days ago I was sitting at the doctor’s office (waiting to get feedback on how it could be possible that I’ve obtained such super human strength?) and I picked up a fitness magazine of sorts and began reading a section on High Intensity Training (HIT), as it was referred to in this … Continue reading

Pushing Your Limits


Everyone knows what the speed limit is on the freeway and we tend to stay relatively close to it.  Certainly it is wise to stay within what your personal limits are while driving.  Most of us can likely drive 75-80 mph and stay safe but once you step outside this range the risk starts to … Continue reading

Beast Mode


In the kettlebell world the 48 kg (106 lb.) ‘bell is often known as “The Beast”.  This is because, with few exceptions, it’s the largest kettlebell you are going to find.  It’s a big ‘ol awkward thing.  Difficult to hold, squat, press etc.  For anyone to even swing it well is a feat of strength … Continue reading