Changing Lives


What are we training for?  As I’ve expressed before, it’s often times to feel better and look good naked.  Nothing wrong with that.  But, lets face it, these are not short term goals really.  I was just listening to the great coach Dan John speak and he pointed out, as if we didnt see this enough, … Continue reading

Can You Do It Well?

Bad Push Up Form

Frequently people will ask me what I do in the middle of the day during down hours when there are less members in the gym.  Generally I eat, train, answer emails, write this blog, etc.  Some days Max and I chit chat like little schools girls and oftentimes it’s about, well, training. Recently we were … Continue reading

Why I Dislike Pistol Squats

Pistol Sq

Pistols squats are a cool looking exercise and they have certainly gained popularity over the past few years what with social media thing.  And rightfully so.  They are a test of awesome single leg strength and demand quite a bit of mobility at the same time.  The latter being the exact reason I dislike pistol … Continue reading