Changing Lives


What are we training for?  As I’ve expressed before, it’s often times to feel better and look good naked.  Nothing wrong with that.  But, lets face it, these are not short term goals really.  I was just listening to the great coach Dan John speak and he pointed out, as if we didnt see this enough, the fitness industry is riddled with 90 day and 6 week promises.  In fact, I need go no further than my own coffee table to read the P90X3 30-minute workout article (the world of muscle confusion training must be developing so rapidly that P90X is now 3 times the awesomeness that it once was).  Short term goals and accomplishments are rewarding and serve as validation that you are on the right track but training is a long term process.  That’s great if we can get results in 90 days but at that point is one of us quitting?  I hope not.  In the grand scheme of things it’s more than that.

Coach John talks about how his personal idea of fitness is to be of both sound mind and body as well as live longer, be a better father and involved in the community.  This got me thinking about three recent instances where a client told me that we had changed her life.  Now, I can’t imagine a time where I will not feel humbled to the point of near silence (picture that, me being quite) upon being told that, but it sure makes me happy to know that our team is doing the right things.  Part of that is getting the aforementioned results but more importantly, as Coach John is alluding to, we are setting people up for success in the long term as well as other aspects of their lives, be it more confidence, a sense of belonging to something, the physical ability to be a better parent, friend, employee or the vitality to be involved in the community and better serve others.  And that is what this is really all about.  Yes, building a sweet pair of glutes in 6 weeks or looking fantastic on the beach are fine goals but the work put in to get you there will ideally carry over to a higher quality of life and the ability to do more outside of the gym.  As we always say at Ambition, we want to make you better “in here” so that you can be better “out there”, which is the most important thing.

We have quite a few members that have been training with us for several years.  I like to think this is a sign of productive and effective training that can change lives.  March is “Buddy Month” at Ambition Athletics.  If you are a member, bring in a friend that you think might be committed to changing his or her life for the better.

– Mike Baltren