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4 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Stronger – Dave Dellanave

“If you can’t look back on the past couple months of training and brag about the new strength feats you’ve accomplished, you’re probably making of one of these key mistakes.” Truer words never spoken, and sometimes the truth hurts.  Enough said.



How free pizza helped make Planet Fitness the fastest-growing gym franchise in America – Alison Griswold

Just a few thoughts on this one:

“….monthly pizza nights and a bagel breakfast on the second Tuesday of the month.” And, “To keep costs down, the company omits amenities offered by more upscale gyms, such as juice bars and personal trainers.”  Listen, I think an aspect of community is great but aside from that they are feeding members trash and in turn not offering any education or potentially higher quality food by cutting costs.  Sounds very productive.

“There’s always “a lot of fads” in fitness, he explains — aerobics, kickboxing, and lately, spinning — but the cardio and weight machines are the timeless essentials.”  Timeless alright.  That is, if you make no effort to better your business through education and as such keep members completely in the dark, believing that what they are being offered is as good as it gets.

“Membership fees run as low as $10 per month….”  I believe this is called appealing to the lowest common denominator.  Low price+low service and education = high failure rate.  Planet Fitness is no doubt the fastest-growing gym franchise but who among us doesn’t have $10 a month to waste on a gym membership?  For such a low price it’s affordable for almost anyone to sign up and then rarely set foot inside helping to grow the total number of members nationwide. Sorry to be such a pessimist but with no source of education from the top of the organization down, and by feeding the fear of change, I don’t see any of this as a good thing other than people enjoy getting together to eat.  In this case they might as well give people donuts daily.  They’re exceptionally cheap and members could have them more frequently!!



The Zen of Weightlifting – Samir Chopra

“A meditative experience is one that displaces the quotidian, enabling a single- minded focus not available elsewhere in one’s life; all else falls away, leaving a clear mind.”  I understand the runner’s high in so much as I know that I don’t like running but I get a similar zen like feeling when I train.

“Clichés abound in the world of weightlifting, but one is undoubtedly true: that real lifting happens in the head. The brain cannot be dismissed; brawn cannot be glorified at its expense. Body and mind must come together as one to enable the act of weight displacement.”  I feel this is an often overlooked in the world aspect in the world of training.  Much like the article at the top of the page suggests, it’s easy to just “exercise” without much thought or to go through the motions on a regular basis, but if it’s change you seek, there is a lot more to it, and it starts up top.

– Mike Baltren