Let’s Get You Stronger

girl-squat.jpgThe running joke at Ambition Athletics is that any question about training is most often and accurately answered with, it depends.  And, that still remains true.  However, in an even broader sense, many questions and/or scenarios in strength, health and fitness can also be a answered by the statement “Let’s get you stronger”.  Here are just a few common examples.

Weight Loss:  True body composition change is always going to begin in the kitchen but time in the gym will certainly help.  Strength training (this can be both weights and body weight) is far more productive than floating away on an elliptical machine or walking on a treadmill.  It’s not always easy, but worth it.  You must get a little stronger.

1/2 Marathon Prep:  If you want to be a better runner it’s certainly a priority to run.  But what about your time in the gym?  Well, to endure that daily pounding that your body will take hitting the pavement it pays to be a little stronger.  Not only that, more strength equals better force production and/or speed, lest we forget this is a race.  How to get faster and reduce injury?  Let’s get you a little stronger.

Tone Up:  I believe that the best way to create muscle tone is to lift appreciable weights.  Diet and cardio can help you get leaner but muscle tone comes from building muscle and using some tension to move that weight.  Can’t do a chin up, a few push ups or deadlift more than 100 lbs for a few reps?  Let’s get you stronger.  That’ll help you get more toned.

Preparation for Sports:  This isn’t much different than the aforementioned 1/2 marathon prep.  When playing sports it helps to run faster, hit the ball harder or hit the other person harder.  To do any of those better, getting stronger will help.  Bottom line.


A Better Butt:  Ah, the goal of so many at Ambition.  I feel we have also had some success in helping people reach this goal, although it’s always ongoing isn’t it?  If you’ve lost it, you can find it by using it again.  It is true what they say.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.  How should you “use it”?  Well of course that depends but certainly picking things up and putting them back down is a great way to start, as well simply bending your hips and knees to their fullest range of motion on a regular basis, which I know some of you may not have done for some quite some time.  You’re going to have to get a little stronger to build that butt.

Knee or Back Pain:  Frequently, but certainly not always, aches and pains in the low back or knees let’s say, will result from a lack of movement or movement inefficiency.  Between strengthening the hips and practicing various movement patterns (will also strengthen the pattern!) often pain can be reduced rather quickly.  Learn how to properly get a little stronger in some weak areas and feel better.

I’m sure you can see the theme here.  The fact is that the vast majority of people could stand to have much more strength to support their various endeavors or lifestyle.  Very few people are strong enough from head to toe that they don’t have something that is lacking and can improve performance by getting a little stronger.  And in this case it doesn’t have to mean brute strength but for some just the ability to confidently and with more strength, move through a greater range of motion.  Getting a little stronger may first mean just moving better, or more efficiently, not necessarily under load.  For others it means means adding weight to the bar to support your goals.  In either in case, let’s get you stronger.

– Mike Baltren