Strong Ladies at Ambition

All the ladies

Recently Max was interviewed for the Live Life Aggressively Podcast by Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan.  During which, Sincere had these kind words to say about Ambition Athletics:

“I’m really impressed from just a gym owners standpoint what you guys are doing over there and what the ladies are doing over there.  That’s what really impresses me.  You’ve got some strong ass women there.  It’s a great testament to what great programming and actually lifting weights can do for women and kinda dispel this whole myth of “Oh I don’t wanna lift weight because it’s going to make me bulky and make me look like a man.” You’re doing a great job with that because none of your girls look like men but I’m pretty sure they could out lift a lot of men that we know.”

Thanks Sincere.  And, to that I say, great job ladies.   I’ve offered video proof in the past, HEREHEREHERE and this week I’m giving you some more.  None of these women came into the gym on their first day exceptionally strong but with some trust, a willingness to learn and in other cases a little help to not be intimidated, they continue to improve their bodies, reach goals and demonstrate great levels of strength.  Thanks ladies!  Ya’ll make my day better.  Enjoy!

– Mike Baltren

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