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An Open Letter to Everyone Who Has Told Women “Don’t Get Too Muscular” – Sophia Herbst

Sophia Herbst delivers probably the best article I’ve read in a while especially as it pertains to women and training.  Something I deal in every day.

– During my seven years of starvation-dieting I was never told, “Don’t get too thin”

– In contrast, during my two years of strength training I have been told, “don’t get too muscular” countless times.

– If you tell a woman who strength trains “don’t get too muscular” then congratulations! You have just ousted yourself as a totally ignorant fool who doesn’t even lift. 

Think about that.  Then read the article because a couple of quotes cannot do it justice. There’s a lot more to it.  Then think about it again.

Intervention: Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer – Dan John

I’ve likely suggested this book before and many other Dan John articles.  I’ve never read a book twice from cover to cover.  Sure I always use a highlighter like it’s 10th grade and refer back when needed but this is the first time I’ve gone back and started over. Truth is, I’m a big Dan John fan because the way he teaches is simple and just makes sense me. That doesn’t mean it’s the only way, just very helpful to me and I’m picking up more things on the second time around.  Like they used to say on Reading Rainbow, “But don’t take my word for it”, just look at all of the 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Bear crawl

Bear Crawls vs. Crab Walks – Eric Cressey

Crawling is certainly becoming more popular in training and for the most part that’s awesome.  I like this article and it’s video mostly for it’s explanation of the multiple benefits of crawling. Plus Eric has an interesting take on why he doesn’t like crab walks.

Master The Kettlebell – Max Shank

Shameless plug time!  The first release of Max’s new book is available for download.  It is an excellent resource for learning to use the kettlebell as well as instruct and coach others.  Plus, all pictures of Max are topless!  #Bonus

Book Cover

– Mike Baltren