What Do We Mean By Education?

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At Ambition Athletics our focus is on Movement, Strength and Education.  People talk about movement and strength all the time.  In a broad sense that’s what fitness is all about.  But what about education?  There are no doubt many ways to “get in shape”.  Just turn on the tv or go online and you’ll see … Continue reading

Training for Sport

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Last week I wrote about sport specific training and what I believe that should entail. Spoiler alert, most sports have more similarities than differences when it comes to lifting and moving weights.  As it happens I picked up a magazine last week that had little piece on training for basketball.  While I do agree with … Continue reading

What Is Sport Specific Training?

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Sport specific training is certainly a popular phrase in the training world as many people are looking for it and many gyms/facilities offer it.  It is no doubt important.  I believe athletes young and old should engage in some sort of training to stay strong and healthy.  The issue is that the term “sport specific” … Continue reading