It Takes A Village

I feel like this is installment three of a trilogy.  It wasn’t my original intention but that’s the direction my brain went.  Two weeks ago, or part 1 as I now see it, was “4 Reasons It’s All About You”.  Part 2, last week, “The Value of A Coach”.  This week is all about the team.


There are a few different ways that I think team applies to training/the gym.  First, having other like minded individuals around you can be inspiring.  As I’ve said before the gym can be intimidating.  However, in a smaller more personal setting like a training only gym, most individuals are going to be like minded and can certainly offer inspiration to other members both through words and actions.  Having teammates that are fun people to be around, encouraging and even a little competitive is an immeasurable bonus.

The coach, as I explained last week, is at the top of the learning curve and carries you from where you are to where you want to be.  Well, even the best need help.  Head coaches need assistants too right?  Especially if the goal is to help as many people as possible. Even if there isn’t necessarily a coaching hierarchy, having another reliable teammate (or coach) to rely on can be a big asset.  I know personally that I can rely on Max to help both my clients and I with mastering any bodyweight movement.  He also has a great eye for movement.  Again, personally I know I can get a feel for how well people move by applying the Functional Movement Screen and assessing a few other moves. However, if something isn’t making sense to me Max is a great teammate to have.

All the ladies

Finally, everyone’s skill set is limited in some capacity.  There are times when coaches may have to refer out.  It would be nice if a foam roller or lacrosse ball could fix everything or if I knew exactly how to get a 21 year old college football player to run 40 yds in a straight line in 4.41 seconds instead of a pedestrian 4.50 s.  Getting stronger can fix a myriad of things but not literally everything.  Sometimes you need help.  Pain is always a great example too.  Again, I like to think I can help a lot of people with some low back pain for example.  The fact is, you never know when someone may actually have an internal issue that requires some intervention from a medical professional.  As a coach, bring all of the tools you have and if they don’t work, tag out to your teammate, in this a case a doctor.

So, it’s still about you in the end.  But, don’t forget the value of a coach.  And, one coach cannot be expected to have all of the answers.  Sometimes it’s really about the team.  It takes a village.

– Mike Baltren