Stuff You Should Read


Training Clarity: One Goal At A Time – Dan John

Dan John’s concept of bus bench vs. park bench workouts is one that I suggest you strongly consider.  Below is just an excerpt but do yourself a favor and read the whole article:

It’s a simple concept. Like weights, benches have multiple uses. If you’re waiting to get to work sitting on a bus bench, you don’t just hope, you that the bus be on time. If it’s even a little late, it could ruin your day at work.

Park benches are built the exact same way, but when you sit in a park, you don’t expect or worry if Toby the squirrel comes by or not. You sit back and enjoy the process.”


Filling Buckets – Michael Boyle

This is a concept I’ve been thinking about  a lot lately.  Like the above article, it just makes a lot of sense to me.  It can be applied to any person in any training situation.  If you step back and look at what buckets need to be filled and which don’t, you’ll have a better idea of where to focus or why.  Read on.

Let’s Talk (Over) Conditioning – Jen Sinkler

This is a great post by Jen Sinkler and certainly a training mentality that we try to employ at Ambition Athletics.

“The go-hard-or-go-home mentality is pervasive, making many people fret that if they don’t do a body-crushing session every time they work out, they’ve failed.

In reality, the truth is nearly exactly the opposite. You can still make progress without destroying yourself. In fact, you can make bigger strides, more consistently and for the long term, when you don’t leave it all on the gym floor.”


The Road To College – Michael Boyle

This is a slightly different topic but as I have worked with many high school athletes over the last 10 years, I feel very strongly about these ideas.  I’ve always believed that if you are a good enough athlete/player, people will find you.  Attempting to play a sport year round in an effort to gain exposure is a less effective plan than physically preparing during the off season for the new season.  This may sound biased coming from a strength coach but I firmly believe it.  More and more long hours and tournaments does not equal better or a scholarship, but dedicating some time to strength and physical preparation does.

Non-Contact Knee Injuries In The Female Athlete – Dr. Toby Brooks

Much is being written and studied these days about female athletes and ACL tears as it is an important issue.  It’s complicated on the one hand but I think it is less so than many might think.  Consider these points from the article:

– “An athlete who is weak and doesn’t yet know how to land properly is at risk of injury.”

– “…. whether working with young athletes, male athletes, female athletes, or some combination of the above, is to teach and train athletes to learn to land. Low-level plyometrics and simple motor control drills are critical. Strength is important, but strength without neural control is dormant and ineffective in the moment of potential injury.”

– Mike Baltren