Love To Travel, Hate Flying, Love Suitcase (Carries)

suitcase carry

I am firm believer in doing loaded carries and have dabbled in several variations over the past few years.  More recently I have tried to streamline my own training to focus on less things, with loaded carries being one of the focus points.  So 3-4 days a weeks I’m doing some kind of carrying.  Through the years I have always had my clients do them in some capacity, perhaps with more frequency than even myself.  At times, especially with suitcase carries, or members have used some rather impressive loads even when the suggestion is to use a moderate weight.  This has lead me to think about two things.  1. Are they being done well even with what appears to be a heavy load?  and 2.  Am I personally pushing myself enough when doing carries?  Well, when I came across THIS VIDEO the other day I decided it was time to step up my game.

What I took away most from this info was that to just have a respectable level of strength one must carry 1/2 of their bodyweight in each hand and be able to really own it for a set, regardless of distance.  That’s not really a problem for me until Coach Boyle’s next suggestion in the video is be working up to 1/2 bodyweight in just one hand while a doing a suitcase carry.  Well, turns out many of our clients are in probably 80-100% of that number while I myself am lacking.  Realizing I’ve got some work to do, I’ve recently tried to ratchet up the weight and progress to towards 1/2 bodyweight in one hand.  What I have found so far is two things.  1. That I am capable of heavier weight and that I just wasn’t trying hard enough before and 2.  It only makes the exercise a little more intense or more appropriately, just a better core exercise than before.  It’s the old, I feel it even more where I am supposed to than previously.  There are several lessons here.  I really do enjoy traveling but hate flying because airports in general, their bathrooms, delays and the like are the bane of my existence.  When appropriate, suitcase carries should be done heavy and our members are strong and don’t mess around.  And finally, as an old girlfriend of mine once suggested, Mike Boyle is one of the only people I listen to.

– Mike Baltren