The Process


I’m currently reading “The Winners Manual” by coach Jim Tressel.  I think it’s a solid read with plenty of valuable, thought provoking info, but just a few pages in there was something that really got me.  In just a few lines Coach Tressel describes what he calls “The Process” that went like this:

– But the key to a successful life is in the journey and the process.  It’s that emphasis on the journey to success that we work on each day, step by step.

– To me, the process is what’s most fun in football…..

Tressel gives several detailed instances of what the process means to him and his football teams but as I said it really struck a chord with me.  About 10-12 years I was a fan of watching Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC but it wasn’t until maybe 6-8 years ago that I really began to love it.  Why? Is it because I secretly dreamed as a young boy of being a fighter or that I still want to be one now?  Not even a little bit.  I want more than anything to not get punched in the face.  I realized those 6-8 years ago that it was indeed the process I loved so much.  The preparation and all that goes in to the big fight.   I love watching the specials that show what these guys have to go through leading up to a fight.  That’s what I love.  It’s the daily grind to make yourself better.

Weight for dis

I’ve been saying for a while, that it’s not about one workout or training session.  Just because you didn’t lift as much today as you thought you should have, it’s not going to make or break your athletic goals or the physique you desire.  It’s about the process.  My participation in the Highland Games the past few years has taught me this more than anything of late.  There are some tough days and awesome days, but it’s not about good or bad.  It’s the sum of those days, the reps you put in and your will to go back for more that really count.

And you know what else about the process?  There are some pretty cool people along the way.  It might be a coach, a teammate or a friend for life.  I’ve come to find out there are some really quality individuals involved in the Highland Games.  Our little Ambition Team has met some very giving and gracious individuals.  Ultimately I think that’s what Coach Tressel wants his players to understand as young men.  His process, nor yours shouldn’t always be about wins and losses. There is something bigger than just you.  If it’s something you love, take time, enjoy the work and the people that come with it.

– Mike Baltren