Building Athletic Capital

Tom Glavine

I recently finished reading “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport.  I heard Eric Cressey recommend it on a podcast and thought I’d check it out.  The main premise is that skills trump passion when it comes to building a career that you love.  Newport’s first rule is that simply following your passion is bad advice.  There … Continue reading

Toned By Turkey Day

It’s easy to get lazy under our blankets as the weather cools and comfort foods are abundant. Let’s enjoy the festivities while getting stronger and better every day! Each week of November we’ll focus on actions to improve our strength, conditioning, and nutrition. Let’s see how much we can accomplish as a team! Use the … Continue reading



Everyone knows that consistency in training is important but here are 5 specific ways it may apply your situation. #1 Your Ability to Move: You know the saying, if you don’t use it, well, eventually you won’t haven’t it anymore. Something like that.  I believe the key to longevity is to maintain the ability to … Continue reading

Stuff You Should Read

Mom Deadlift

Embrace Your Bigness – Jen Sinkler Jen is a great writer and coach.  Her gym, Movement Minneapolis, much like Ambition Athletics has many female members. In this article Jen talks about focusing on physical capabilities rather what you look like.  As she says, “Let me get something out of the way: If you lift weights, you … Continue reading