Stuff You Should Read


Embrace Your Bigness – Jen Sinkler

Jen is a great writer and coach.  Her gym, Movement Minneapolis, much like Ambition Athletics has many female members. In this article Jen talks about focusing on physical capabilities rather what you look like.  As she says, “Let me get something out of the way: If you lift weights, you will not accidentally become a bodybuilder. It’s never happened. But…certain body parts may rearrange themselves.”  I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoy helping women achieve strength levels they never imagined while they create a better self image and physically dominate everyday life.


Rationalizing the Swing: Why the American Swing is Wrong – Andrew Read

Swinging a kettlebell overhead with two hands isn’t necessary and quite honestly is something I’ve never tried more than a handful of reps.  There are plenty of safer and more effective ways to get the same training effect.  In this article Andrew Read gives a thorough explanation why the “American Swing” (aka, overhead) is inferior to the traditional kettlebell swing.

oh swing

Find Your Flow With Metacognition – Dr. Lisa Lewis

This is an interesting article on getting your mind right during training.  For many of us I think it can be easy to fall into the trap of our head being elsewhere while training.  Most of us are busy and going through the motions some days isn’t the worst thing.  Long term commitment will reap huge benefits.  However, Dr. Lewis shows how you can practice getting your head straight and get more out of your training.


Training for Middle Age and Beyond – Dan John

No reading list would complete without something from Dan John, in my opinion.  People want to be stronger and fitter longer. And, for the vast majority of us we aren’t 20 year old athletes anymore.  Dan gives some simple and useful advices (as Arnold would say) as to how to keep your body going as you get older.