Training For Performance

Training For Performance

Performance training.  These days is seems like everyone is doing it.  Many gyms and coaches claim to be performance enhancement specialists.  I train a few days a week and recently competed in the Scottish Highland Games.  That’s super cute and all but 99.99% of normal people aren’t doing that, so, what about everyone else?  Should they performance train or do something different?

Simple answer:  It’s all relative.  Train to be the most efficient human you can be with what you’ve got right now.

Two weeks ago on consecutive days I had three different woman tell me about significant happenings during their weekend.  (Side note: each of these made my week so I’m still flying high for another week)  First off,  I would like to point out that all 3 individuals were ladies.  I love that the majority of our members are woman and am very lucky that they are so receptive to the idea of moving better, getting stronger and becoming bad-asses. Secondly, none of these three ladies play a sport or regularly prepare for any kind of event that you might associate with performance training.  To me performance training on its simplest level means training to to be efficient at your daily tasks (I.e sport, recreation, work, at home) and fighting the aging process.  That being said here are their brief stories.

–  One woman decided last second to do an advertising photo shoot. Naturally she was a little hesitant but that was ultimately followed by her telling me the next day that she crushed it, felt awesome and the photographer had mentioned she should thank her trainer because the photos came out great.

–  The next day a member excitedly explained to me that she had to move some heavy carpet-like covers around at her house.  She explained to me that had this been a previous time in her life there may have been some hesitation or fear.  But now, not only did she not ask anyone for help but she confidently made it happen on her own and credits her weekly training for that ability.

–  Finally I had a woman describe to me the 10 total hours of work she put in outside her house with a pick axe digging a trench.  Did she want to hire someone her neighbor inquired?  Nope.  She could handle it, and did.  She even went back for more the following weekend.

Training For Performance
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This is performance folks.  Training for the stuff life throws at you.  This shouldn’t imply training randomly though.  It’s easy to say that what we do isn’t special.  The vast majority of has been do before, many many times. There’s no doubt about that.  But, what we do is special in that it’s well thought out and made appropriate for each person, especially those women with little trying background.  These aren’t the first stories I’ve heard like this at Ambition and I don’t anticipate they’re the last.  We believe that what we do is intelligent, evolving strength and movement performance training for humans regardless of age.  Are you ready?

– Mike Baltren