If You Don’t Know, You Should Flow

Some day I’ll learn, as many already have.  That is, whenever I move I feel better.  I mean focused moving of my joints through a full range of motion.  I teach people this concept of moving in full ranges often so that they may stay mobile for a lifetime.  But alas, sometimes even I forget to move.  Numerous times while on vacation over the years I’ve “awarded” myself with lots of rest and, with that, a lack of overall movement. (Example HERE)  This is not a great strategy and has caused me stiffness and sometimes even pain over a several day period.  Just this past weekend I was at a seminar and because I prefer to sit in on the lectures, I didn’t move a lot.  Come Sunday late morning I was being lazy and dreading the couple hour ride home, but decided to do some Hands-On learning at the seminar.  Shockingly (note sarcasm), within minutes of moving around through various drills I felt invigorated.

You Should Flow

Whats the point of all this? For 2 years now Max Shank has been promoting what he calls the 5-Minute Flow.  This means dedicating at least 5 minutes a day, often first thing in the morning, to movement.  It is a committed process of bettering yourself each and every day by taking your joints through various movements so as to not lose this ability. It may even sound ridiculous but when you don’t move it, you lose it.  (More from Max HERE)  We all know and see people in our lives that have lost mobility and as a result acquired various limitations in their movement as they’ve aged.  Some minor and some much more severe. Fight this!  How do I use the 5-Minute Flow Concept?  I like to use it as a recovery tool in the evening focusing on some hip mobility and breathing drills.  There are many ways you can Flow.  The possibilities are truly endless and so are the success stories that keep pouring in from those that have committed to the process.

On Saturday September 17th Max will be leading a 5-Minute Flow Workshop at Ambition Athletics.  Learn some of the how’s and whys of commitment to daily movement.  Most of know that we should be moving but don’t necessarily know how to be doing it on a daily basis to maximize benefit.  This is your opportunity to not only devise a plan of attack but also add an incredible amount of knowledge in doing so.  Learn More About The Workshop Here

– Mike Baltren

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