It Won’t All Be Easy

It Won’t All Be Easy

It won’t all be easy.  This isn’t meant to be discouraging but just a moment of truth.  If you’ve been on this earth long enough you know that this is how life goes.  The world of training and fitness is no different.  Reaching a goal, making a significant change in your life, being consistent or lifting something heavy, some of these may come easier than others for certain people but it’s not all easy for anyone.  A few days ago this all crossed my mind while doing some relatively easy conditioning.  It was supposed to be easy at the time, but that’s just not how things are or should be all of the time.

As I said, different aspects may be tougher for some people.  I often deal with people who are relatively new to a gym or training setting.  It’s possible that this person might eat pretty well and appear to be in good shape but the hard part for them is deciphering all of this information on how to lift weights.  What to do or perhaps more importantly, what not to do is the hard part for them.  Learning many new movements, ideas and strategies can be potentially overwhelming.  Perhaps this is the reason that have either avoided the gym or not found success in the past.

Sometimes consistency is the biggest barrier.  Maybe you feel like your diet and your training are locked in but you struggle to be consistent.  Life gets in the way and the habit of making excuses can be a problem.  Coach Dan John suggests that if you just show up that’s half the battle.  Good things are going to eventually happen.  A very simple concept, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy.

For many of us fat loss is the goal.  Proper food intake is obviously a huge part of this. There are a million and one suggestions out there as far as diets go.  I believe that experimenting and finding that which is best (see sustainable) for YOU is the way to go. After that comes preparation.  If you know going into your day as well various other situations what your plan is, success is far more likely.

Another important issue that I see related to fat loss is a lack of intensity.  Not necessarily in duration but in shorter bursts with more effort followed by rest.  This might not be easy for two reasons:  First, you have to push harder at times and second, you have to trust in the process that shorter duration work done at a higher level of effort is more effective than longer duration work with moderate effort.  Not everyone has been taught this or believed it throughout adulthood.  It can be a struggle for some to take it to that level or believe that a lower number of total working minutes is actually going to be better than that done with less effort.

It Won’t All Be Easy

I’m personally lucky.  I have the easiest access to a gym that anyone could ask for and, I love training.  It makes me feel good.  It’s my daily therapy.  However, there have been times when eating right has been tough for me.  It can feel like an uphill battle.  It takes a commitment to good habits, preparation, etc.  This isn’t always easy for me.  The same goes for learning the Highland games.  It’s essentially a new sport to me.  Sometimes I wish it were easier but, that’s just not reality.  As such, some parts of my training and fitness life are easy and some are not.

No matter what you see on the Internet in little snippets most of us understand that things in life take hard work. Certain aspects may come easy or appear to but it’s normal that it’s not all easy.  Don’t let this stop you.  Identify what might be the hard part for you.  Embrace it.  Understand it.  Proceed forward and make changes as necessary.  If it’s worth it to you, some of it won’t be easy.

– Mike Baltren