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Mom Deadlift

Embrace Your Bigness – Jen Sinkler Jen is a great writer and coach.  Her gym, Movement Minneapolis, much like Ambition Athletics has many female members. In this article Jen talks about focusing on physical capabilities rather what you look like.  As she says, “Let me get something out of the way: If you lift weights, you … Continue reading

3 Squats to Squat Better


Squatting is a basic human movement.  It’s a capability we should all strive to maintain as we age and something you you’ll often see butchered at your local fitness center or on the interwebz.  For various reasons squatting isn’t always the easiest thing for people to do with great form as compared to say a … Continue reading

You’ll Figure It Out

Split Squat

“You’ll figure it out”.  This isn’t exactly the best coaching that you can do to help someone out but in some situations it is actually appropriate.  Let us not forget that some movements and strength work are just skills.  They will take practice.  Mastery on Day 1 is not always the case.  Sometimes people just … Continue reading

You Have To Show Up

lunch pail

Last week I was listening to some sports talk radio as I often do when the Howard Stern Show isn’t on the air.  At one point the host was ranting about a certain quarterback and his inability to “show up” as he put it.  More specifically he is always injured.  No matter how good he … Continue reading

Words of Wisdom


I recently finished watching Charlie Weingroff’s DVD Lateralizations and Regressions. It’s just a brief 7 discs and 13+ hours.  Obviously tons of information.  There are several things I like about Charlie.  He is a physical therapist but also a very strong dude.  In other words he knows both ends of the spectrum so to speak.  He … Continue reading

Get ’em Strong


Get ’em strong.  It sounds like something a strength coach would say.  Almost entirely too cliche or even shortsighted, like something a non-sleeve wearing musclehead would say, bro.  However, if you dig a little deeper maybe it’s not so bad.  We work with a wide array of individuals at Ambition Athletics so let me give … Continue reading