Risk vs. Reward

JJ Watt

This is a picture of NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt recently taking a tumble off of a plyo box while training.  That’s right.  He flat out missed it.  His jumping exploits in the weight room over past couple of years have made him just as much an internet sensation as his skills on … Continue reading

Stuff You Should Read


Training Clarity: One Goal At A Time – Dan John Dan John’s concept of bus bench vs. park bench workouts is one that I suggest you strongly consider.  Below is just an excerpt but do yourself a favor and read the whole article: “Bus bench workouts: You’re expecting results – on time! (Like you’re hoping the … Continue reading

Rules To Train By

Ambition Banner

  This banner hangs by the front door at Ambition Athletics.  It likely goes more unnoticed by many as time goes on, but these training rules become no less important.  Some of the points are rather simple and self explanatory while others maybe not at all.  Let me break it down for you. 80%  Although … Continue reading

It Takes A Village


I feel like this is installment three of a trilogy.  It wasn’t my original intention but that’s the direction my brain went.  Two weeks ago, or part 1 as I now see it, was “4 Reasons It’s All About You”.  Part 2, last week, “The Value of A Coach”.  This week is all about the team. There … Continue reading

The Value of a Coach

Coach hug

Last week I discussed “4 Reasons It’s All About You”.  And, it still is.  Nothing has changed.  However, understandably not everyone can determine the right path to their goals on their own.  Enter the coach. Recently I read the book “Aspire” and it is a chapter dedicated to the word coach. According to the book, and I … Continue reading

Keep On Keepin’ On

Bike Riding

Recently an article entitled “How Exercise Keeps Us Young” was written on the NY Times blog.  It was based on a study that showed older cyclists who met certain performance standards had levels of balance, reflexes, metabolic health and memory ability much higher than their sedentary counterparts, and more closely resembled those who are younger. Now … Continue reading

Quick Swing Fix

Good Swing

The hip hinge is a fundamental human movement.  It is also the basis of the kettlebell swing.  For a more in depth explanation of what this means see HERE.  But for a simple visual, look at this picture.  Minimal knee bend, a mostly vertical shin as indicated by the red line, and a solid loading of … Continue reading