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All the ladies

Recently Max was interviewed for the Live Life Aggressively Podcast by Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan.  During which, Sincere had these kind words to say about Ambition Athletics: “I’m really impressed from just a gym owners standpoint what you guys are doing over there and what the ladies are doing over there.  That’s what really impresses … Continue reading

I Believe What I See

deep squat

Great Squat, Marty !! After reading Brent Holm’s article “Your Success Can’t Be Quantified” I was inspired to write this post.  Thanks Brent.  Brent makes a lot of great points so you should read the article, but certainly one point is that it’s not always about the numbers, i.e. pounds lost, weight lifted.  Those things are … Continue reading

Learn (Adapt) or Die


Adapt/Learn or Die The band Vulfpeck makes $20,000 for their tour essentially selling silence, and that’s not a Simon and Garfunkel reference.  The Wu-Tang Clan produces one, single album and will sell it for a lot of money.  Yes, just one single, double album.  Figure that one out.  And Robin Thicke sells, well, sex but also his … Continue reading

10 Years Gone


10 Years Gone.  So I’ve officially been coaching for 10 years now.  I only say 10 Years Gone because that’s the title of my current favorite Led Zeppelin song.  10 years means that I’m totally an expert now, right?  Isn’t that what they say?  It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already been 10 … Continue reading

Let’s Get You Stronger


The running joke at Ambition Athletics is that any question about training is most often and accurately answered with, it depends.  And, that still remains true.  However, in an even broader sense, many questions and/or scenarios in strength, health and fitness can also be a answered by the statement “Let’s get you stronger”.  Here are … Continue reading

Laying Bricks and Building Beasts


This past weekend I took the RKC Level II course here at Ambition Athletics.  That being said I was originally going to just write about all of the awesome stuff I learned, especially considering that although I knew the weekend would be fun, I didn’t have high expectations as far as learning a lot.  Well, … Continue reading