You Have To Show Up

lunch pail

Last week I was listening to some sports talk radio as I often do when the Howard Stern Show isn’t on the air.  At one point the host was ranting about a certain quarterback and his inability to “show up” as he put it.  More specifically he is always injured.  No matter how good he … Continue reading

Words of Wisdom


I recently finished watching Charlie Weingroff’s DVD Lateralizations and Regressions. It’s just a brief 7 discs and 13+ hours.  Obviously tons of information.  There are several things I like about Charlie.  He is a physical therapist but also a very strong dude.  In other words he knows both ends of the spectrum so to speak.  He … Continue reading

Get ’em Strong


Get ’em strong.  It sounds like something a strength coach would say.  Almost entirely too cliche or even shortsighted, like something a non-sleeve wearing musclehead would say, bro.  However, if you dig a little deeper maybe it’s not so bad.  We work with a wide array of individuals at Ambition Athletics so let me give … Continue reading

The Process


I’m currently reading “The Winners Manual” by coach Jim Tressel.  I think it’s a solid read with plenty of valuable, thought provoking info, but just a few pages in there was something that really got me.  In just a few lines Coach Tressel describes what he calls “The Process” that went like this: – But the … Continue reading

What Have You Got?


Where do you begin when embarking on a fitness/exercise/training/workout program? Let’s just say you’re an average Joe or Jane.  There are so many options.  And if you’re a coach, where do you start with a new client?  Even the best coaches sometimes do things quite differently in some aspects. There are two things you need … Continue reading

Some Stuff I Was Thinking About


How Do You Find a Quality Gym? Last week the best female fighter in the world Rhonda Rousey was interviewed on the Howard Stern Show. At one point Howard mentioned that it can be hard to find a good place to train martial arts because it isn’t regulated.  “It’s like The Wild West.  There’s a … Continue reading

Mindset and the 4 Quadrants

4 Quadrants

Coach Dan John writes often about the 4 quadrants of training.  Above is my interpretation of what those are.  Recently I read the book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck.  In it she describes two approaches to parenting, business, school, relationships and life, really. For our purposes we’ll look at how that applies to training as well.  Dweck argues … Continue reading