How YOU Should Single Leg Squat

Pistol Squat

Single Leg Squats are a fantastic lower body strength exercise.  They are also very difficult, meaning they aren’t for everyone.  Some refer to this exercise as a pistol squat which, I don’t know what the origins of that are, but it sounds weird and I don’t really like it. That being said I don’t think … Continue reading

The Beginner


Long ago in 2014 I heard Nils Lofgren of E Street Band fame talking about a Beginner School that he had started for guitar players.  Now, I don’t too much about the school, how it’s doing 3 years later, or really much about Bruce and The E Street Band but the message that Nils offered … Continue reading

Don’t Stop Moving


I’m going to get right to the point with this one.  Every time I go out of town for some sort of vacation I get lazy.  Sure I get some much needed rest but I move way too little during these times and often feel worse, eat worse and then make more excuses as to … Continue reading

It Won’t All Be Easy


It won’t all be easy.  This isn’t meant to be discouraging but just a moment of truth.  If you’ve been on this earth long enough you know that this is how life goes.  The world of training and fitness is no different.  Reaching a goal, making a significant change in your life, being consistent or … Continue reading

More Reason To Keep Moving


At Ambition Athletics we often talk about movement and how important it is.  In fact it’s really 33% part of what we stand for.  Movement, Strength, Education.  I wrote this little gem of a post entitled “Just Move” almost exactly 4 years ago and after reading again, it’s pretty good.  I still stand by it.  However, I … Continue reading

Training For Performance

Carry Stuff

Performance training.  These days is seems like everyone is doing it.  Many gyms and coaches claim to be performance enhancement specialists.  I train a few days a week and recently competed in the Scottish Highland Games.  That’s super cute and all but 99.99% of normal people aren’t doing that, so, what about everyone else?  Should … Continue reading