Holly Mersy

Holly is an┬áRKC II Kettlebell Instructor and Massage Therapist. She is passionate about helping women discover that fitness is so much more than being skinny, demonizing foods, and fitting expectations. The only right way is the way that work for you, long term! Strength training has brought an abundance of confidence and joy to Holly’s life and she is determined to spread the word far and wide.

Before Ambition Athletics, Holly started her career as an Accountant. She realized she couldn’t sit still for 40+ hours a week, so she followed her passion to help others as a Pilates Instructor and Massage Therapist. Along the way she discovered Kettlebells and it was love at first swing! Since joining Team Ambition, Holly has been competing in the Scottish Highland Games and encourages more women to try new sports and adventures. She enjoys spending her free time at the beach, reading, and camping. She is our resident baker – often experimenting with healthier recipes that taste as good as the original (see 80% rule)!

Holly is passionate about teaching safe and effective exercise, but also lighting a fire in people to work toward the healthiest, happiest life they can imagine. Strength is beauty, strength is confidence!


Russian Kettlebell Certification


Certified Massage Therapist