We’re here to help you achieve Unmatched Results while having fun!

Private Coaching
One-on-One Training with an experienced and engaging coach. All levels welcome! We’ll meet you at your current level, establish your goals and preferences, and set up a plan for success! Sessions will be fun, safe, and effective. To schedule your assessment or personal training please contact us.

Semi-Private Coaching
Coaching with groups of 2-3 people. Similar to Private Coaching, but maybe you need the motivation of a workout partner or two. Individual levels and goals will be considered to set up your unique program. All levels welcome! To schedule your assessment or personal training please contact us.

Group Classes
Class Schedule
We offer small classes limited to groups of 10 students to provide unmatched results. These classes combine kettlebells, bodyweight training, mobility drills, and other tools you’ll love! Classes will never be exactly the same, but will always combine a safe, effective mix of strength and conditioning that will deliver results! Classes are open to all clients who have completed an individual assessment. To schedule your assessment please contact us.

Youth Athletes Program
Monday-Thursday 4:30-5:30pm
Ambition Athletics is not just for adults. We run a Youth Athlete training program 4 days a week during the school year with extra sessions in the summer months.

The Youth Training program is lead by Mike Baltren. Mike has almost 10 years of experience working with athletes of all levels and sports, from middle school and Pop Warner to Major League Baseball. Although he has helped many athletes move on to collegiate careers in softball, football, baseball and soccer, his true passion, much like the philosophy of Ambition Athletics, is teaching and that goes for all ages and skill levels. You need not be a star athlete but only have the desire to hard work and improve.  You can expect a coaching intensive environment for teenage females and males to learn and become better athletes, as well as training for:
Explosive PowerElise Front Squat
Flexibility/Joint Mobility
Injury Reduction