Toned By Turkey Day

It’s easy to get lazy under our blankets as the weather cools and comfort foods are abundant. Let’s enjoy the festivities while getting stronger and better every day!

Each week of November we’ll focus on actions to improve our strength, conditioning, and nutrition. Let’s see how much we can accomplish as a team!

Use the worksheet below to record your starting numbers and lets get to work improving those throughout the month.dumbbell turkey

Toned By Turkey Day form

Starting Guidelines:

Strength: Test your maximum number of bodyweight pushups and pullups (or assisted variation)

Conditioning: Test how long a mile on the airdyne takes and how many swings you can do in 5 minutes (choose any kettlebell, but record the weight so you can use the same one later)

Nutrition: Every time you eat, make sure vegetables are involved. That’s meals and snacks. Ex: salads with meals, carrots with hummus, cucumbers and bell peppers cut up and packed on the go, steamed veggies instead of french fries…find something you enjoy!

We’ve been working on these habits for a while now, so please feel free to reach out if you have questions or need help!