Stick with your New Years Fitness Resolution

Having been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, I’ve seen and studied the cycles of member sign ups, attendance, and attrition.

These cycles are even more pronounced at your larger commercial gyms where they operate on more of a “turn and burn” revenue plan. With that being said recent numbers show that less than half of gym members are using their membership.  These big gyms are counting on this as the salespeople are required to well, sell, if they want to keep their job.  It is of no consequence to them if you ever show up again.  They’re busy trying to close the next sale.

Where does that leave you? This next study tells us that it is difficult, but not impossible, to stick with a new years resolution. This means that there is some potential benefit to improving yourself during the beginning of the calendar year. Whatever takes you past that first step is the hardest. Overcoming the initial inertia to begin is always the most difficult part of creating a new behavior or habit. So use this opportunity to start getting better.

Start Small
It’s so crucial to pick out an easily a achievable starting point. Starting with a #5minuteflow in the morning is a great starting point. Building on lots of little successes makes your brain more likely to keep this new habit. You don’t want to “miss,” because when you miss, you start over grooving the habit, so don’t miss a day.

We always ask our new members to honestly gauge how many days per week they can commit to the gym and do our best to hold them accountable.  The simple act of booking a class or having a weekly schedule set in stone (as typically done with personal training) helps greatly. That specific time set out every week practically guarantees a habit to be formed, when you’re 1) expected to be there and 2) paying for it, you’re more likely to get there.

A positive environment and a positive association with that place make you more likely to continue doing what you’re doing. It’s challenging to keep doing something you don’t find enjoyable.

Learning New Skills
One surefire way to enjoy life a little more is to keep gaining new skills or refining your physical talents. Your brain likes a different stimulus and this is going to help make you more well rounded.  You should always be slightly challenged in some way, whether that is from a coordination, balance, vision, strength, or flexibility standpoint.

Injury Prevention
Part of a well rounded training program should be injury prevention. This includes utilizing a balanced training program, which prevents poor joint position, movement, and overuse injuries. This also means you should do a push with every pull. For example, if you do a pushup, you should do a row (basically the opposite movement) to prevent a muscle imbalance. You should also take your joints through their full range of motion, so that your ability to do so does not deteriorate.

Carryover (to other parts of your life)
Part of a lifetime’s worth of fitness is caused by your ability to continue to thrive while doing other fun activities. The gym should be an integral part of keeping an active lifestyle, mainly by allowing you to keep doing it and improving at all of those skills–whether that be surfing, martial arts, hiking, tennis, basketball, dancing, ping-pong, or golf. Being stronger, more flexible, and with better coordination, balance, and vision will make you better at all of those things.

Fitness, Health, and Performance
Aesthetics are an important reality, we all want to look great in and out of our clothes.
A good workout geared toward this should at times involve the use of both heavy and light weights, high and low reps, and finally both higher speeds and slower tempos.  Doing a “workout” JUST for FAT LOSS, is really robbing you of a lot of potential benefits that you can easily achieve concurrently in addition to improving your body composition.

In summary, cultivating a healthy lifestyle comes down to fun and sustainability allowing consistency over the long term. This is achieved primarily by staving off injury and boredom–which should be a product of proper complementary training.

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Better every day,