Simple Resolution Solution

Man taking action

If you set a resolution this year, there are only 2 possibilities…

1) You have maintained a path and pattern of behaviors that are congruent with your goal
2) You have not maintained a path and pattern of behaviors that are congruent with your goal

Do your actions match your goals?

Most of us have something we want right now, where our current behavior patterns just don’t match up.

The beauty of it is that SOME of us DO eventually DECIDE…and succeed.

That’s right, a significant percentage of us get it right at new years, and stick with it.

And of course, some of us never set resolutions, or at least didn’t this year.

For several years, like many of my peers, I took PRIDE in NOT setting a resolution.

I said, “You should take the leap ANYTIME, NOT just on January 1st!”

But that wasn’t really the most helpful either…

The truth is, we are all faced with opportunities to make that leap of change. The key is to seize that chance when it hits you the strongest, when you feel the most fire in your chest and purpose in your goal.

When you truly understand the scope of your commitment, you accept the road ahead patiently, ambitiously, and optimistically. You do not RUSH to the finish line in any of your endeavors.

Unfortunately, many fitness and health plans are designed with a pretty destructive set of behaviors…

“Suddenly punish myself with food and exercise at an extreme intensity, hoping to lose an arbitrary number of pounds in the shortest time possible.”

Of course, this behavior is also nowhere close to sustainable.

How much you enjoy your exercise experience matters.

If it’s fun, you’ll do it. If it’s not, you won’t.

And really, there are enough great choices for exercise that are both fun AND result-producing.

There are a LOT of ways to get stronger abs, bigger arms, and build better butts.

So you definitely don’t want to pursue any exercise that feels like you are punishing yourself. I’m just going to tell you right now, that road doesn’t lead to a happy ending.

And if you’ve got a few extra pounds to lose, it’s probably a good idea to drop them off, and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

Don’t rush to the finish line. If you want your body to look better and function better than it does right now, it will require a constant, congruent behavior pattern.

Over the long term.

Just like flossing, brushing your teeth, and showering—it only works if you keep doing it.

Want healthy teeth? Brush and floss.

Want healthy joints and muscles? Play, move, and improve.

Take Action

Your actions of today, tomorrow and until you drop are who you become. Simple as that.

Here’s a better tactic than the standard get-fit-quick-scheme.

1) Build a strong, flexible, and ridiculously good looking body alongside a supportive community.
2) Focus on exercises that are fun, healthful, and practical.

Practical exercise should improve your ability to function in the world.

This MUST include vision, balance, lifting objects, climbing on objects, crawling, coordination, rhythm, strength, speed, endurance…

Few training plans take these things into consideration.

And when a person spends entire “workouts” moving at ludicrous speed to simply burn maximum calories, you CAN’T develop these skills.

The awesome by-product of developing these skills? Your body will be tight, athletic, and lean.

And EVERY experience you have will be way easier and more enjoyable, because you will have developed practical, life-extending skills.

These benefits run the spectrum: from having the physical capacity to try any sport without fear or hesitation…to being able to easily pick up the dog food bag with one hand, or throw your kid into the air than the other dads.

Consistent physical activity will not only make you live more years, but it will give you more options during the years you have.

Don’t wait for a “Better Time”

Sadly, Many people hold off to do things like “travel the world,” until they are very old.

Similarly, it’s easy to put off starting an exercise plan until a “better time.”

And when does that better time come? Will you have made forward progress until that “better time? Or will you have put on a few more pounds, and collected a couple more aches and pains?

It’s easy to bury yourself in a hole. The longer your destructive behaviors (or lack thereof) continue, the deeper the hole to eventually pull yourself out to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

And it’s really not too much effort.

You could easily do a 5 minute flow every morning to make your joints happy and win your day. Then supercharge your athletic prowess with 2-3 Ultimate Athleticism-style training sessions per week so you have the capability to try any of the thousands of fun and active ways to spend your time.

Anyone could do this and, WITH CONSISTENCY, would eventually become an ripped, athletic, healthy, happy person.

It’s is like purchasing an unlimited “Power-Up” to your life that lasts forever.

And we could all use a power up.

Over half the population has some chronic pain—and they believe it will be with them forever. (But there is a solution)

Over a third of the population is obese, and increasing.

13% of the population is on anti-depressants and numbers are climbing.

Something just isn’t right here, and the answer is right here in front of us….

We NEED to move, and play.
We need resilient, capable (and preferably well-muscled) bodies that can THRIVE under any circumstances life throws at us.

Whether you are on track with your resolution, or not. Whether you believe in new years resolutions, or not…

You have an opportunity to make a big change anytime. Today, tomorrow, or next year.

Do you FULLY understand how easy the investment is?

A couple Starbucks and less than 1% of your time.

You should always strike when the iron is hot. The question is; how hot does the fire in your belly burn for the better life you keep saying that you want?

Strike now,

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