Use those Holiday Calories!

The holidays are upon us!

Most likely you’ve already indulged in candy, cakes, booze and other lovely stuff for Thanksgiving! More to come on Christmas and then New Years. It’s awesome, I love a good piece of cake and no one can really hate on Turkey and gravy am I right?
But what do you say we put those calories to use and build some serious strength and muscle?

The key is to have it as a part of the the plan. In my opinion you get the best results from training by having periods of eating more calories and periods where you eat less.
So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make the holidays a hyper-caloric period where we work on getting bigger and then we can spend the beginning of the year leaning out?

But what can you do to make this gain as lean and good looking as possible?

Here are 3 simple tactics we will all benefit from implementing this Holiday Season:

  • EAT PROTEIN and plenty of it! If you eat a good amount of turkey there won’t be much space for the rest. Pick cake and ice cream over candy if you can. But then again YOLO.
  • DON’T STRESS yourself out! Enjoy it! Be happy about eating all the foods that you love, and practice a bit of gratitude towards that even being possible.
  • Hydrate, take naps and use the calories smartly to build muscle and strength!

Now to your training:

Making sure to get some high rep compound exercises such as:

Bent over row
Overhead press
And we are talking reps in the range of 8 to 20

Work in some accessories:


This will leave you a bit sore and therefore I wouldn’t aim for more than 4 days a week and less will definitely do. Which also gives you more family time!

Add in some lower body power moves. This could be:

Sled pushes
Olympic lifts

Go for a walk or a short bike ride. This will get your NEAT(Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) up and will make you relaxed and happy.

Getting to gym is not always a possibility and for the ones of us who doesn’t have a home gym, it can be hard to get a good workout in. Therefore I’ve made this little workout, only requiring a duffel bag and something heavy to put in it. Could be books or bottles of water.

Try to get at least one density block in a day. This could be pushups for 5 min or anything else that will give you a good pump. If you can do this right before a super carb dense feast this would be optimal. This is always a really good idea to incorporate – not just during holidays.

Thats it from me!
Anders Rubini

P.S. If you ever need help with nutritional and training timing and structure feel free to give me a call or text at (760) 450-6408.