Brian Crilly - Athletic Training CoachBrian Crilly has been an active athlete his entire life. Growing up and playing sports in a small town on the coast of New Jersey up until he relocated out to California. Being involved in different sports such as basketball and volleyball, Brian found his passion in lacrosse where he excelled throughout his teen years. It was around age 17 where Brian began lifting weights and taking his fitness to a new level. Never having been very strong, he always had a thirst to learn and grow as an athlete.

After several years of training in different modalities and setbacks due to injuries Brian Crilly discovered kettlebells and started to become more educated in athletic training. Brian still trains at a high level and constantly pursues furthering his knowledge to pass along to others. Staying active Brian finds joy in bringing his strength and athleticism outside the gym for lots of outdoor activities such as Lacrosse, Football, and his new found love of the Scottish Highland Games competitions. Brian Crilly brings his love of strength, fitness, and education to everyone he meets and will always be an athlete, coach, and teacher.

Brian Crilly Personal trainer
Brian Crilly
Brian Crilly - Russian Kettlebell Certification Instructor