Carson Hays passion for helping others reach their full potential is ingrained in his DNA. His father was a classical guitar teacher, his mother was an elementary school teacher, and his Grandmother taught ESL.
Ever since he was little his main concern on the field or court was that everyone was having fun. While this didn’t take him very far in competitive endeavors, it did make for the perfect framework later on in life.
In 2012 he realized he could combine his passion for helping others learn with his growing fascination with fitness and the fitness industry. He got certified as a personal trainer and set off on a path that would eventually lead him to Ambition Athletics where he has found a family of teachers and students who build each other up and challenge one another to get better every day.
In his free time Carson Hays plays tennis with friends, rides horses with his girlfriend, explores nature (whether its the trails near his home in Carlsbad or the mountains of Glacier National Park,) and shoots video / takes pictures of whatever happens to catch his eye.
Carson believes that getting stronger and developing a love for training is the ultimate life hack. It’s never too late to start building the body you want.
Carson Hays