Victoria Hickmet - Instructor & Personal TrainerVictoria Hickmet has always been very athletic and enjoyed a variety of different sports. She competed in almost every event in Track and Field as well as Field Hockey and Netball.

In 1999, she moved from England to California where she got married and started a family. After spending the vast majority of her time raising her two girls with her husband, Victoria started her career in fitness. She has been teaching her own small outdoor classes for the last 7 years

After trying various different gyms, bootcamps and boxing clubs that did not give her the result she desired and plagued her with injuries, Victoria found Ambition Athletics - A place that she could learn and develop personally and professionally to become a better athlete and coach. Victoria began working at Ambition Athletics in early 2016.

Victoria Hickmet's passion is sharing her love of fitness with as many people as possible. She has experienced first hand how empowering it can be to not just to feel strong, but be strong inside and out. She plans to continue to learn from best and expland her knowledge in her chosen arena.

Victoria Hickmet - Certified Personal Trainer
Victoria Hickmet - Russian Kettlebell Certification Instructor